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Shamanic Yoga: 



I specialize in a spiritual and shamanic approach to yoga practice, with a balance of meditation, connection to the unseen world and postures to support physical, emotional and spiritual health. 




Private or pre-arranged small group sessions (maximum six participants) may be created to suit your needs during regular clinic hours.  

Should scheduled classes not fit your timetable, please call me to find a time that would be convenient for you. Consider this option if you feel overwhelmed or intimidated by having other participants present while you learn. I am always happy to teach one-on-one. This includes Shamanic and Reiki training, meditation, discussion regarding spiritual matters, or tailored healing sessions. I am always open to co-creating specialized workshops, teaching sessions, or team-building exercises I am dedicated to supporting you in your growth. I am trained in Acutonics Tuning Forks, herbology, aromatherapy, sound healing, colour therapy and even ear candling, should you be looking for a practitioner in any of these areas.

Special notice!

Check out Sandra Ingerman's Latest course on the Shift Network.    

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