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My book, “The Rush Hour Shaman” is currently available in Calgary at Nurture Health and Wellness, Practice of Ma'at and New Age Books and Crystals and in Cochrane at Spirit of Oneness.  It is also available online as a paperback or ebook at Amazon, itunes and Chapters!

Shop at the fantastic aforementioned stores or contact me to order your copy!




"The Rush Hour Shaman is a gem of a book that is filled with tools to teach us how to reconnect with Nature, the helping spirits guiding us, and own inner healer. Jan Gale presents innovative ceremonies to help integrate our spiritual work into our daily lives. She is a wonderful writer, shamanic healer and teacher. This book is important for all of us who need inspiration in how to bring beauty, power, and healing into our modern day world." -Sandra Ingerman, MA author of "Soul Retrieval" and "The Shaman's Toolkit"


I am very excited to announce that I have copies of a cd that was co-created by the amazing Laini Risto and me.  Spirit Bear was created for shamanic journeying, containing a number of tracks of varying lengths to assist in transporting the listener to non-ordinary reality via trance-inducing sound.  This music was created with love and a clear intent of supporting the listener in opening and deepening clear communication with his or her helping spirits.  I do hope that you enjoy working with this music as much as I have enjoyed co-creating it!  I have copies to distribute at $20.00 cdn, which includes postage within Canada.  Spirit Bear is available for download on iTunes, Amazon and other music purchase and streaming platforms.  Spirit Bear has its own webpage to make your purchase of this music even easier.  Just press the button below:  


The second of our music cd’s, co-created by Laini Risto and me is now available!  Snow Raven was also created for shamanic journeying, meditation and healing work, and is supportive in transporting the listener through deep transformation and personal alchemy.  Laini and I set the loving intention to be of support in your spiritual growth.  Please enjoy working with this music in your own healing process.   I will have copies to distribute on or about December 8th and will be able to mail for $20.00 cdn, which includes postage within Canada.  Snow Raven is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, cdbaby, and other music purchase and streaming platforms.  

You can also access and purchase Snow Raven through the Spirit Bear webpage and clicking on “more releases by this artist”:

Always Available!


The Essence of the Goddess Sulis!


Created by Garry at Ascension Aromatics, this healing essence will support you on your healing path. A perfect balance of fire, water, healing and prophetic compassion, this essence can be administered as a body or room spray, bathed in, or offered through your drinking water.  Please contact me to order.


Gift ideas:  Why not give the gift of healing?  I have gift certificates available for your friends, your family or for a special gift to yourself.  I also have my book, “the Rush Hour Shaman, Shamanic Practices for Urban Living”.  I have cds and books  by my friend and brilliant shamanic practitioner, Andrew Steed available for sale.

The Divine essence of the goddess Sulis is available in essential oil or spray format.  I also have many products from “the Dream Cream” manufacturers.  These Canadian products are beautiful and made with love.  Please contact me if you wish to order any of these great gifts!   

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