August 2020 Newsletter


There are a lot of catch phrases that are being bantered around during this pandemic.  One of the more common ones that I have heard has been that “we are all in the same boat.”  

On the surface, this makes total sense to me:  We have been grouped in this metaphoric boat of isolation, distancing, masks, illness, and unprecedented emotions.  It has left many out of work, fearful, emotional, and some even sick.  We are certainly well out of our comfort zones.  Some people are in dangerous or toxic situations – unhealthy relationships, addictive partners or perhaps even living in their own patterns of addictions, seemingly without a way out.    Some are creating deeper relationships with family in isolation and have even found new ways to connect electronically.  There are those that are having very profound periods of growth and insight, exploring their passions, looking after themselves, and thriving.  These diverse experiences limited the “same boat” metaphor for me.  In fact, I observed even more so, how separate and distanced we can become if we look at our differences.  There are so many, many boats.  

I work on my own growth pretty diligently.  I look at all situations with the intention of what it might be teaching me.  How am I responding?  What am I feeling?  

My boat is not the same boat as some others….

But we are in the same storm.  

I heard this phrase somewhere, and I honestly wish I could acknowledge the person who coined it, because it accurately reflects what I feel we are truly experiencing these days:  a storm that is triggering so many things in so many people.

What an incredible opportunity we are experiencing.  If I think of it as a storm that is playing out around me, how am I able to support myself and others in finding a way through this, without knowing when the storm will be over, how intense it may or may not become, and what will things look like at the end?  Will we even know when it is over?  Perhaps it is the storm that has the ability to connect us; help us find some common ground on which to stand together in kindness and compassion.  

Where is the eye in this storm?  The calm centre of the raging unknown that is all around us?

My answers will come by doing my work, in my boat, navigating the storm with my own truth.


Journey to explore the spirit of this pandemic storm with this intention:  Ask your helping spirits to assist you as you journey to understanding this global storm.  What is your boat like, and are you finding a way to navigate this storm?  Can you find connection in this storm?  What will your spirits share with you?  As always, remember, no judgements!   What will you discover?  I invite you to journey with this intention and see where it takes you on your path to self-mastery.


Supplemental Newsletter March 2020:


In the past 15+ years that I have been doing a monthly newsletter, I do believe this is the first time that I have written a supplementary issue.  This is certainly the weirdest one that I have ever composed.

I am having such mixed feelings about the state of the globe at the moment.  I have a lot of time to think about this, as we are in self isolation, after returning home from England on Tuesday.  Amidst the deserted airports, wild stories from those trying to get home before airlines shut down (or go bankrupt), and fear of the unknown, I am intending to trust that all that is happening is leading us more to working together as a planet and helping each other, although “social distancing” and “self-isolating” are counterintuitive to this intention on the surface.


To manage our self-isolation and to honour and protect my dear clients I will not be able to see clients in person until the end of March and will reassess the global situation after that time.  For those clients who are booked in during that timeframe, I will contact you directly to offer a distance healing or rescheduling, whichever you prefer.  


On a healing note, I offer all my friends and family this suggestion:  Do your inner work: drum or rattle with healing intentions, transfigure often, take time to reflect and nurture compassion.  Choose love, not fear.  


 Explore personal and global healing with this journey:  Ask your helping spirits to assist you as you journey to a sanctuary in non-ordinary reality that is healing, safe, and quiet to receive healing for yourself, cultivating with love, and insight into healing the planet and all beings.   What will your spirits share with you?  As always, remember, no judgements!   What will you discover?  I invite you to journey with this intention and see where it takes you on your path to self-mastery. 


Laini Risto and I are expecting our second cd, Snow Raven, to be released very soon.  Please watch here for the release date!

The cd Spirit Bear has its own webpage to make your purchase of this music easier:

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