September 2020

I feel one of the greatest gifts we have been given during the Covid pandemic has been an opportunity to reflect and reconnect.  We have the time to reflect on where we are at with our human evolution.  We can reflect on the issues of the day:  equality, diversity, connection, compassion and kindness.   These seem to be the top five that surface for me, anyway.  Your focus may be different.  

I don’t watch the news, but I hear what I need to hear, so that I can assimilate and process the information and energy behind the news without being influenced by outside “services” like the media.  They all have opinions and bias, and that is ok.  I choose to look at the various events and circumstances from my own perspective, and what lessons each of these instances might hold for me.  

How do I process?  How do I reflect?  For me, my spiritual practice is one of journeying, meditation and connection with Nature.  I have been called to spend more time out of doors.  I see the value and feel the healing of the Earth, Air, Fire and Water Spirits.  I do yoga outside in the sunshine as much as possible.  I will miss those times out on the deck once the weather breaks and we head into winter, but I can still connect with the spirit of Father Sun and Mother Earth as I continue my practice indoors.  

On September 1st, we enjoy a full moon.  It is the Full Corn Moon, which begins to illuminate the importance of the harvest in the northern hemisphere.  2020 has planted a lot of seeds for us during the pandemic; seeds of political unrest, human inequity, fear of illness for ourselves or loved ones, isolation, to name a few.  There are also seeds of connection, reconnection, trust, truth and compassion being sown, too!  What have we been nurturing in our metaphoric gardens during the year?  What will you choose to harvest in this potent time?

We experience an equinox on September 22nd.  Equinoxes are a time of balance in light and dark.  There are equal amounts of sunlight and darkness.  This metaphor is very important right now.  How are we balancing in what some are terming “the new normal?”.  I’m not sure I really like that term, because I think every day is a new reweaving.  I’m not sure we are ever at the end point of what might be considered normal, but so be it….  are we balancing and rebalancing in connection and compassion for ourselves and others?  That is a new normal I would like to experience.  

I choose to do my spiritual work through ceremony and ritual.  I set intention, invite all the unseen helpers, and embrace my divine connection with Earth and Sky.  We can all do this in our own way, and there are even some online ceremonies available for us to join.  I encourage you, in these auspicious times, to explore these possibilities to reweave balance, peace and love in your life and for those in your sacred circles.  


Journey to explore the seeds that I will harvest with this intention:  Ask your helping spirits to assist you as you journey to understanding what and how you are creating in these interesting times.  Connect deeply with your helping spirits as they offer insight into balance and connection.   As always, remember, no judgements!   What will you discover?  I invite you to journey with this intention and see where it takes you on your path to self-mastery.


Supplemental Newsletter March 2020:


In the past 15+ years that I have been doing a monthly newsletter, I do believe this is the first time that I have written a supplementary issue.  This is certainly the weirdest one that I have ever composed.

I am having such mixed feelings about the state of the globe at the moment.  I have a lot of time to think about this, as we are in self isolation, after returning home from England on Tuesday.  Amidst the deserted airports, wild stories from those trying to get home before airlines shut down (or go bankrupt), and fear of the unknown, I am intending to trust that all that is happening is leading us more to working together as a planet and helping each other, although “social distancing” and “self-isolating” are counterintuitive to this intention on the surface.


To manage our self-isolation and to honour and protect my dear clients I will not be able to see clients in person until the end of March and will reassess the global situation after that time.  For those clients who are booked in during that timeframe, I will contact you directly to offer a distance healing or rescheduling, whichever you prefer.  


On a healing note, I offer all my friends and family this suggestion:  Do your inner work: drum or rattle with healing intentions, transfigure often, take time to reflect and nurture compassion.  Choose love, not fear.  


 Explore personal and global healing with this journey:  Ask your helping spirits to assist you as you journey to a sanctuary in non-ordinary reality that is healing, safe, and quiet to receive healing for yourself, cultivating with love, and insight into healing the planet and all beings.   What will your spirits share with you?  As always, remember, no judgements!   What will you discover?  I invite you to journey with this intention and see where it takes you on your path to self-mastery. 


Laini Risto and I are expecting our second cd, Snow Raven, to be released very soon.  Please watch here for the release date!

The cd Spirit Bear has its own webpage to make your purchase of this music easier:

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