May 2022 Newsletter


In the northern hemisphere, today marks Beltane, an ancient celebration of spring, fertility and growth.  Often referred to as the “greening”, it infers new beginnings, abundance, awakenings, creativity and creation.   

This celebration of the seasons occurs halfway between the spring and summer equinox/solstice and is a time of increasing light and lightness.  The word Beltane is derived from the ancient Celtics’ Beltaine, which translates to “bright fire”.  The timing of this festival of light corresponds to Taurus in the astrological chart, and this particular sign also tends to be one of clearing out the old to see a new path to the future.  It is the perfect time to put plans into action.

I have had an interesting April, and frankly, a few months now of some interesting circumstances.  We had a very poorly cat, now healthy.  We have had two floods in our basement, both resolved.  We have all had Covid, which is mostly resolved.  We have had water well problems, also now resolved.  

Although all these circumstances have been resolved, they were challenging to go through.  Lots of sleepless nights or, with Covid, barely able to get out of bed for days have been exhausting.  The mental and physical fatigue has been unbelievable.  

All this and more has prompted me to re-evaluate my own energy at this time, and I have recognized that I need time to rebalance myself.  

I will be closing my practice temporarily May 31st through August 31st. 

During my time away from the clinic, I will be deepening my personal practice and aligning with the energy of Beltane to allow me to find a way forward with balance and integrity.  I will be stoking my personal fire with compassion and health to brighten and lighten myself.  

Please consider deepening your personal work during this potent time of the year.  We have been moving through such unprecedented times!  I do believe if we can create calmness, balance, self-love and kindness within, we will create the world in which we do want to live.  



Practice journeying to your helping spirits and the Spirit of Beltane to explore your best path forward.  What might you need to purge to clear the way forward?  What would you like to fertilize, nurture and grow in this season of “greening”?    Notice what comes up.  As always, remember, no judgements!   What will you discover?  I invite you to journey with this intention and see where it takes you on your path to self-mastery.


My practice will be closed temporarily from May 31st through August 31st, 2022.    



  Stay safe and healthy.