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It has been several months since I have published a newsletter. In the months where my clinic was supposed to be closed, I have made a huge discovery about myself: I have a huge fearful aspect in me that needs to be needed. This resulted in my clinic not really being closed. I was juggling clients, volunteer work, and administrating my and my husband’s businesses, and not inviting balance into my life. We did enjoy a great two weeks with our granddaughter, which was certainly a highlight of the summer!

In my opinion, the fear of needing to be needed seems to be a subset of the caretaker. I have been challenging the caretaker in me for a very long time now, and I do feel that I am getting to the crux of my fear. This need to be needed is deep and strong. When I am caretaking someone else, I distract myself from my own healing/ spiritual work. I am grateful to be so aware of it now, and I will continue to challenge it, starting right now.

It can be challenging for a practitioner to be vulnerable and share what they are going through. I do feel that it does benefit everyone when we share our experiences in a state of vulnerability, as someone out there needs to hear it. Sharing with compassion, and without attachment to an outcome helps us all grow.

I have decided that, to bring balance back, and with a view to being semi-retired in the next year, I will not be taking in any new clients. I will deepen the work that I am doing with the clients I currently serve. Any referrals from these current clients will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, with whether I will add the referred person, or whether I recommend they contact my colleague. All other new clients will be referred.

The colleague to whom I refer is my friend and former client/student, Eric MacNaughton. He is a brilliant practitioner who is an amazing healer in his own right. He is compassionate and caring and has a superb connection with his spirit allies. I know he will do an amazing job for anyone fortunate to have him as a healer. I will list his contact information below, so that you might connect with him directly.

As I move along my own path, I see how the Universe is supporting me. Yesterday, I received the most surprising and touching letter from a client. For her recent milestone birthday, she had asked her family not for a party but time for self- reflection. Given that amazing gift from her family, she wrote letters to people who supported her growth. I was one. To say I was surprised to receive this letter is an understatement! I was moved beyond words! What I realized after taking some time to receive her words, was that I do need to recognize what gifts I bring to the table. I also see how those gifts are shifting as I grow and how this affects others in the Earth School, at least on a spiritual level. If I hold space for others, they have a loving and compassionate place to grow. I can and will be a mentor, guide and support for that growth. I cannot do the work for another. I cannot fix them. The most supportive thing I can do is hold space, inspire the client to do their own work, and offer guidance from Spirit where necessary. I serve as a witness for their growth and provide the sacred space for them to explore their own potential. This is a really big for a (recovering) caretaker! Rather than attempting to fix or please, I become an instrument for change.

I do hope that you will reach out to Eric, if you are new to this work and seeking support and guidance, or if you are a seasoned seeker, and wish to go deeper into your healing. His email is Please have a look at this website:


Practice journeying to your helping spirits to explore your core fears. What keeps you separate from your highest and wisest self? Notice what comes up. As always, remember, no judgements! What will you discover? I invite you to journey with this intention and see where it takes you on your path to self-mastery.


Stay safe and healthy.


All healing sessions with me are $150.00/hour.


To all my current and past clients: Please contact me if there is any individual (or group) work that you would like to explore during regular clinic hours.


Clinic hours: Wednesday and Friday: 10 am to 6:00 pm.

Saturday: 10:00 – 2:00 pm.

Please call with inquiries between the hours of 10 am to 6pm Mountain Time.

I am a Doctor of Metaphysical Science, Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, Usui and Karuna ® Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Acutonics Tuning Fork Practitioner (1), Celebrant, Author, and Certified Yoga Instructor.

I invite you to visit my website at and to follow Sulis Healing on Facebook!

Serving you at my home, just ten minutes northwest of Calgary. Mobile Service Available upon request. Phone 403-932-6687, email: Website:

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