January 2021


dismemberment;  noun

  1.  the action of cutting off a person's or animal's limbs.

"graphic pictures of torture and dismemberment"

  1.  the action of partitioning or dividing up a territory or organization.

"the dissolution and dismemberment of the British empire"  Google Dictionary


Many times in this very strange year, I have been given a similar message from my spirit helpers and guides:  the Earth, and all who reside on her are going through a dismemberment.   I feel the second part of the definition is very apt, as this dismemberment affects not only living beings, but also systems, governments, countries, etc.   

In shamanic terms, dismemberment is a specific healing ceremony that reduces the client to dust or something essentially primordial.  All that we know of the person’s personality is removed, reducing them to their pure essence.  All that we recognize about the person’s personality is gone.  All aspects of the personality and ego no longer exist in the way that they had previously.  In the ceremony, the practitioner might see the client being ripped apart by an animal, or blown up in a volcano, or even shattered like the glass in a mirror.  The methods of dismemberment are specific to the person receiving the healing and are as varied and unique as are each of us.  

I do dismemberment journeys for myself often, especially when I am working a lot with difficult or complex healings, making sure that I am not carrying around energy that doesn’t belong to me, and for the clearing of  my own energetic body.  

A crucial part of a dismemberment healing is the re-memberment.  The practitioner must remind the client to re-member.  Some see themselves re-membered with crystal or rainbow-like bones, bright lights within them, the colours of compassion and love forming on their skin and features.  Whatever the result, the re-memberment is an amazing transformation to a higher frequency, more loving, more beautiful self.  

It is the rememberment part of the ceremony that I wish to set strong intent around, and I will be doing that work most deeply on Monday, December 21st, 2020, which is the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere.  It is the darkest day of the year.  

Please join me in setting a strong intent for the best and highest re-memberment for our dear Mother Earth and all those she holds. Let us see her in her greatest and most divine self.  Let us embrace our humanity in its best form with sharing, equality, compassion, love and healing for all.  

This solstice is a particularly powerful one.  We are entering the age of Aquarius.  Saturn entered Aquarius on the 16th, Jupiter on the 19th, culminating on the solstice on the 21st.  This age signifies a global community that has an opportunity for healing.  The other wonderful aspect of the darkest night is that the very next day marks the return of the light.  Let us open our hearts fully to this light to fuel the re-memberment.


Journey on the solstice to explore re-memberment of Mother Earth and all who live on her.  Ask your helping spirits to assist you as you journey for healing for the Earth.    How do you envision a healed and healthy Mother Earth?  What does it feel like to live in peace, harmony, love and compassion?  Can you hold that beautiful vision into manifestation?   As always, remember, no judgements!   What will you discover?  I invite you to journey with this intention and see where it takes you on your path to self-mastery.


As I mentioned in my previous newsletters during these challenging times, I offer all my friends and family this suggestion:  Do your inner work: drum or rattle with healing intentions, transfigure often, take time to reflect and nurture compassion.  Be with nature.  Choose love, not fear.  This is not only guidance for these times, but for always.


I am allowing myself some rest over the holidays, but can be reached if necessary during the hours of 10 am and 6 pm weekdays. 

I wish you and yours the most wonderful holiday season.  Stay safe and healthy.  


My practice is still closed for physical one-on one or group sessions. I am only setting up remote (distance) appointments at this time.    

As we are now in a new phase of lockdown in Alberta, I will be reviewing my practice later in January, if restrictions are lifted.  

  If you have been one of those who has lost your source of income due to lay-offs or your business has been forced to close, I will not charge for your session.  I trust that this will all resolve and rebalance with the times to come. 


After several years of maintaining the same rates for sessions, I have revised my pricing for January:  All sessions will be $150.00/hour.  

This is the obituary that I wrote to honour my dad’s life.  I will miss him.

Eric Schofield


Born: July 12th, 1926
Died: October 4th, 2020

Dad has finally been reunited with his one love, Peggy (Grace Brice), after twenty-six long years without her. He will also be having a great catch up with his brothers, Neville, Geoffrey, and Leslie.  

Dad was born in Barnsley, England to Frederick Schofield and Louisa Knowles, but left home early to pursue varied interests and opportunities, ultimately joining the British army and serving in the Burma Campaign of WW2. It was during his service that he began corresponding with a young nurse, who would later become his bride. He married his beloved Peggy in November of 1947. Nine years, later, Janet was born, and they began their plans to emigrate to Calgary, Canada to create a new and wonderful life. Margaret (Maggie) came along once they settled in their new country.  

Eric was employed as relief night elevator operator at the Palliser Hotel but gradually worked his way to Assistant Manager, until his retirement in the early 80’s. Ted and MaryAnne were lifelong friends from the hotel, with whom he still spoke regularly.  

When Janet was school aged, the family moved to DeWinton, where we were afforded great rural life with horses, cows, cats and dogs, and many other farm creatures. Once retired from the hotel, Mom and Dad moved to Calgary and were always devoted to babysitting their only granddaughter Dyan.  

Both Mom and Dad joined the Chinook Artists group and made many friends there, some of whom became like family after Mom’s passing. Dad loved to paint and even when his eyesight rendered artwork impossible for him, he loved to socialize with the group.  

Dad loved his family, all animals and possessed a very strong work ethic. He loved punctuality and was always professional and courteous in his service to others. His gregarious nature afforded him many lifelong friends, whom he treasured dearly. His great love for dogs would see him outside regularly walking Bella, Rudi or Cosmo around the neighbourhood of Mount Pleasant. Many neighbours knew exactly what time it was when Dad walked by with one of the dogs.  

In 2011, Dad fell while out walking Cosmo and broke a hip, which required a change of living arrangements facilitated by moving into Aspen Lodge. He enjoyed living in that community and made many friends there, too. Cosmo moved in with our dear friend, Janet Bullard, and Dad knew that he was loved and cared for.  

When living at Aspen was no longer possible, he moved into the Carewest Colonel Belcher, where he enjoyed a reunion with his lifelong friend, Ted.  
The family would like to thank the staff at the Belcher for their compassion and kindness to Eric. We are also grateful to everyone who has supported Dad and our family over the years.  

Eric leaves behind his two daughters, Janet Gale and Margaret (Maggie) Schofield and his devoted son-in-law, Mike Gale. His granddaughter Dyan Gale, and great granddaughter Edithe Grayce were treasures to him. The Schofield family in England will also feel his loss, as will surviving members of Peggy’s family.  

There will be a private family celebration as per Dad’s wishes. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the SPCA or a charity of your choice.  

To view and share photos, condolences and stories of Eric please visit www.choicememorial.com. Arrangements entrusted to the care of Choice Memorial Cremation & Funeral Services (403) 277-7343.


Supplemental Newsletter March 2020:


In the past 15+ years that I have been doing a monthly newsletter, I do believe this is the first time that I have written a supplementary issue.  This is certainly the weirdest one that I have ever composed.

I am having such mixed feelings about the state of the globe at the moment.  I have a lot of time to think about this, as we are in self isolation, after returning home from England on Tuesday.  Amidst the deserted airports, wild stories from those trying to get home before airlines shut down (or go bankrupt), and fear of the unknown, I am intending to trust that all that is happening is leading us more to working together as a planet and helping each other, although “social distancing” and “self-isolating” are counterintuitive to this intention on the surface.


To manage our self-isolation and to honour and protect my dear clients I will not be able to see clients in person until the end of March and will reassess the global situation after that time.  For those clients who are booked in during that timeframe, I will contact you directly to offer a distance healing or rescheduling, whichever you prefer.  


On a healing note, I offer all my friends and family this suggestion:  Do your inner work: drum or rattle with healing intentions, transfigure often, take time to reflect and nurture compassion.  Choose love, not fear.  


 Explore personal and global healing with this journey:  Ask your helping spirits to assist you as you journey to a sanctuary in non-ordinary reality that is healing, safe, and quiet to receive healing for yourself, cultivating with love, and insight into healing the planet and all beings.   What will your spirits share with you?  As always, remember, no judgements!   What will you discover?  I invite you to journey with this intention and see where it takes you on your path to self-mastery. 


Laini Risto and I are expecting our second cd, Snow Raven, to be released very soon.  Please watch here for the release date!

The cd Spirit Bear has its own webpage to make your purchase of this music easier:  https://lainiristo.hearnow.com/spirit-bear

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