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My intention is to support you in your healing through natural healing.  By connecting you to the Natural World and all of it's gifts, and reestablishing your connection with the healer within you, we can affect true healing.


Shamanism is the most ancient form of alchemy and healing.  In our modern world, we have become disconnected with the natural elements and ways, but are beginning to understand that this powerful form of healing is effective in unearthing and clearing the roadblocks to healing.

Energy Healing is based on the scientific principles that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency and by using resonant vibration, balance of matter can be restored.  Using a variety of modalities of energy healing, with the assistance of the Universal life forces that are all around us, the practitioner and the client work together to achieve healing goals established in their sessions. 


Both shamanism and vibrational healing assist in clearing false belief systems and blockages that obstruct the flow of energy.  Once cleared, the life force energy is redirected and balanced for the client’s best health and wellbeing.  The body’s own natural healing ability is stimulated and assisted.  Healing is achieved not only by reducing the symptom, but by correcting the source of the problem.  

Healing in these non-invasive ways has many benefits.  Physical pain can be reduced and often eliminated.  There is a gift of deep relaxation, relieving stress and anxiety, and everyday energy and vitality is restored.  Old patterns of behaviour can be cleared to achieve balance and clarity of thought.  Intentions and aspirations in personal or spiritual growth and development can be directed in a mindful  and meaningful process.

 I am also able to support through metaphysical counselling.  

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