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I am a Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, Usui and Karuna ® Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Acutonics Tuning Fork Practitioner (1), and certified Yoga Instructor.  I have many healing tools to support you in your journey to wholeness and wellness.


For 30 years, I was a leader and manager in the financial arena of the Oil and Gas Industry, until realizing that to best heal and support my authentic self, I was to follow my path to support others on their spiritual path to healing.  I was given gifts of intuition and insights into healing that have proved valuable to others. 

I have studied with Sandra Ingerman, Betsy Bergstrom, Beth Berkins, Andrew Steed, as well as Gary Zukav and Linda Francis.  I have taken courses and attended workshops to enhance my knowledge and expertise in many forms of Shamanism, Acutonics, Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Yoga, Colour Therapy, and Sound Therapy.  I hold a Doctorate of Metaphysical Science.   I am a minister, associated with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry, which allows me to conduct a ministry and also perform weddings and other celebrations.  

  My extensive studies have supplemented my hands-on work as I have deepened my understanding of spiritual empowerment and the creation of a life of trust and joy.  


I have recently published my first book, The Rush Hour Shaman.  


With all of these healing tools and a deep desire and ongoing intention to continue on my own path of healing and growth, I offer unique opportunities for personal empowerment for my clients.   

Dr. Jan Gale Msc.D.

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