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Additional Resources and Helpful Links:                          Just Press the button

To find a practitioner or teacher in your area or to read more about Shamanism:  

Another source of practitioners and teachers in your area:  

To purchase essential oils that are healing, transforming and functional, or for custom alchemy, contact Garry at Ascension Aeromatics.  (the creator of the Sulis Essence)

For a brilliant sound and energy healing session, filled with surprises and remarkable possibilities, contact Jolene:

A Brilliant Celtic Shamanic Practitioner, Story Teller, Master Firewalk Instructor, Author, and Leader of Pilgrimages, Contact Andrew Steed:  

To learn more about how to live an amazing life, and if you are living in, or planning to visit the UK, contact Hara:

To learn about creating authentically,  how to be emotionally aware, and to make responsible choices, contact Gary Zukav:

IFor a brilliant animal communicator, who does work by distance, email Joyce Helen:

For your chiropractic needs in the Calgary area:

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