Jan is a beautiful light that glows with love for all!  Her connection with the spirits of the land and the unseen beings of light bring forth medicines to support healing and shifting to each that cross her path.  Jan’s welcoming energy is filled with infinite wisdoms & compassion. 


It has been a great journey thus far, with you Jan ………re-membering more of who I am through  your gifts of Shamanic traditions and energetic modalities.  Not only are you an incredible and valuable being but, a wonderful facilitator and lightworker.  I am honoured to have your light in my journey as a facilitator of healing and as a friend!! May our light continue to burn brighter, lighting up the universe!


In gratitude with many thankx of love, light and rainbows, J.T. Calgary

Jan is an amazing teacher, healer and intuitive.  I have attended many of Jan’s workshops and sessions and have learned to trust my own intuition and the messages that come to me.  Jan has a gentle, accepting manner and finds the teachable moments so that I could reach my own understandings.  Her communication skills are excellent and I can trust that the instructions are clear.  Her guidance has changed how I view my life. M.S. Calgary

Working with Jan and her spiritual team through workshops and personal work has been a wonderful and inspiring opportunity for me. Their genuine empathy and concern for your health and wellbeing on all levels is to say the least refreshing! The wisdom and grace within their teachings reflects a devotion not only to the work; the whole, but to each individual link in the web of life. For this I am so very grateful to have them in my life.  C.D. Manitoba

If any of you feel compelled to let go of anything at all that has been limiting your health, success, joy, abundance, calmness, clarity or anything else...then I strongly recommend that you consider connecting with Jan Gale of Sulis Healing.

 "Jan, it's time for me to tell anyone who cares to listen about how you have helped me peel away my shell, so that I can stand tall and simply be who I am. When we met a few years ago through my wife, I was ready for massive personal change. Despite my strengths, I always reverted back to old unhealthy patterns, attracting unhealthy business and personal relationships, with those whose fears I resonated with. I was continuously repeating decisions that were - at some level - based on my deepest fears and self-limiting beliefs...all of which were directly contrary to my conscious beliefs and goals. By working collaboratively, patiently and "egolessly" with other key members of my "health, wealth & happiness team," you have helped me to heal myself in too many ways to list here. I would be honoured to answer any specific questions that anyone has about your gentle methods and their incredibly practical effectiveness in my everyday life. Through your many skills and gifts, your teaching, your loving healing energies and your own willingness to look inward during the many times that I was so triggered by fear that I challenged your own deepest fears about yourself...you are a living, breathing, very human example of what "spiritual partnership" means. My wife, my children, my extended family & friends, and all my loyal clients are deeply grateful for what you have done for all of us.  Thank you."  A.R. Calgary

Firewalk experience:  


The weekend event of Equinox, Elements and Firewalk was a wonderful experience on many levels. The trust and belief I have in Jan allowed me to consider this event and once I met Andrew and Joyce the trust increased. I was uncertain as to what was in store for me and to what level I would participate in 'sharing and doing'. As the weekend progressed I found it evolved so naturally that I never questioned myself again. The group that gathered was incredibly supportive and non-judgmental, probably the greatest sense of community I have experienced. It was a weekend of great personal growth that continued on at a deep level for the next week and has now has shifted my energy to a different level. Thank you so much to Jan, Andrew and Joyce for offering and supporting us through the weekend. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is open to learning more about themselves and facing some fears they would like to release.  J.B. Calgary

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